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Yunnan Provincial Patent Award Award Scheme (Trial Implementation)

Yunnan Provincial Patent Award Award Scheme (Trial Implementation)
Chapter I General Provisions

       Article 1 These Measures are formulated in accordance with the Regulations on the Promotion and Protection of Patents in Yunnan Province and in light of the actual situation of Yunnan Province in order to encourage the transformation and application of patents, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote innovation-driven development.

Article 2 The Yunnan Provincial Patent Award shall be applicable to the application of patent transformation within the administrative region of Yunnan Province.

Article 3 The Yunnan Patent Awards shall be awarded first, second and third prizes, and the total number of awards shall not exceed 50. The incentive funds shall be arranged by the provincial financial budget.

Article 4 The patent awards of Yunnan Province shall follow the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.

Article 5 The Yunnan Patent Award Appraisal Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Appraisal Committee) and the Patent Award Appraisal Office (hereinafter referred to as the Appraisal Office) shall be established. The evaluation committee is responsible for the evaluation of patent awards. The evaluation office is located in the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, which is responsible for the organization, coordination and daily management of patent awards.

_There are about 15 members of the evaluation committee, including one director, who is the director of the Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau; two vice-chairmen, who are the responsible persons of the Provincial Finance Department, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, and the other members are experts in relevant industries and fields. The members of the evaluation committee shall be appointed.

Chapter II declaration

Article 6 All units within the administrative region of the province may declare Yunnan Patent Prize in accordance with these Measures.

Article 7 Conditions for Declaration

(1) Patents declared for reward are limited to invention patents, which are valid and have no right to dispute or other disputes;
(2) The technological scheme of invention patents contributes greatly to technological innovation in this field.
(3) Invention patents have been transformed and applied, and remarkable economic and social benefits have been achieved, including increasing sales of related products, or achieving remarkable results in energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement, and employment promotion.
(5) The declaring units have taken active and effective measures for the management and protection of intellectual property rights. There are no violations of intellectual property rights, other violations of laws and regulations, and no social credit dishonesty.
(6) The invention patent has not won the Yunnan Provincial Patent Award.

Article 8 Units applying for patent awards shall submit the following materials:
(1) Declaration of Yunnan Patent Award;
(2) Copies of invention patent certificates and announcements of invention patent instructions and claims;
(3) A copy of the patent register issued by the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office (proving that the patent is valid);
(4) Effective proof materials and pictures of patent transformation and utilization in the past three years and significant economic and social benefits achieved;
(5) Where the applicant is not a patentee, it is necessary to provide legal documents (such as a patent licensing contract concluded with the patentee) that have the right to exploit the patent.
(6) Other supporting materials.

Article 9 The application for Yunnan Patent Award shall be submitted to the Selection Office after being examined and approved by the State (City) Intellectual Property Office and signing recommendation opinions in accordance with the principle of territorial administration.

Chapter III Selection and Award
Article 10 The Selection Office is responsible for examining the forms of declaration materials. If the declaration and supporting materials do not meet the requirements, the applicant shall be required to make corrections within the specified time. Those who fail to make corrections within the time limit or whose corrections are still not in conformity with the provisions shall not be submitted for evaluation.

Article 11 The evaluation committee shall, by means of voting, propose the units to be awarded and the award grades according to the contribution of invention patents to technological innovation in this field and the economic and social benefits obtained.

_. Patent transformation and application involving key industries and strategic emerging industries in Yunnan Province shall be given priority awards under the same conditions.

_Article 12 The proposed reward units and reward grades proposed by the Review Committee shall be publicized to the public for 10 days.

During the period of publicity, any unit or individual may raise an objection to the publicity. Units or individuals who raise objections shall provide written materials and necessary supporting materials, and state their true identity and contact information.

_. The review of objections received during the publication period shall be organized by the selection office, and the review opinions shall be examined and approved by the review committee, and the results shall be returned to the objectors in writing.

Article 13 If there is no objection or disagreement with the publication, the Provincial Intellectual Property Office shall make a decision on awarding the prize and issue the award certificate and bonus to the prize-winning units.

Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions
Article 14 The prizes of Yunnan Patent Prize awarded by units shall be awarded to those who have made outstanding contributions to the transformation and utilization of patents.

Article 15 If the applicant deceives the applicant or cheats the patent award of Yunnan Province by other improper means, the award will be revoked and the award certificate and bonus will be recovered. Units that have been revoked may not declare the Yunnan Provincial Patent Prize again.

Article 16 Personnel who commit fraud or fraud for personal gain in the selection of patent awards shall be investigated and held liable according to law.

Article 17 These Measures shall come into force on April 1, 2017 and shall be valid until March 31, 2020.