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CAIC services


       1. Setting up CAIC Headquarter:

      ① CAIC headquarter contains CAIC administrative office, information and Internet platform, domestic and foreign institutes offices.

      ② Provides face-to-face communication and online supply and demand information release, retrieval and pre-matchmaking etc.

       2. Building Public Service Platforms for Science and Technology Innovation:

       ① To establish public technological service platform providing R&D experiment, test, analysis etc. 

       ② To set up facilities like laboratories and testing centers for service on research commercialization, technology transfer to innovation-involving enterprises, universities and research institutes.

       ③ To carry on capacity building activities for providing full innovative services like supply-demand information digging, technology transferring, projecttraining, enterprises incubation, management consulting etc.

       3. Matchmaking Activities for China-ASEAN Innovation Center:

       ① To organize China-ASEAN innovation forum on a regular basis. As the hallmark event of CAIC, the forum brings together stakeholders to share technology needs, policies and development trend in China and ASEAN countries.
       ② To hold training courses on bio-industry, modern agriculture, new and renewable energy, environmental protection, electronic information and other applicable fields that ASEAN countries need.

      II. Facilities and services

       1. Integrated facilities:

       The Centers boasts 36,000 m2, including 22,000 m2 of 11 floors for business and technology incubation, a 2,000 m2 workshop for pilot-scale experiment and an area of 12,000 m2 for parking, dining and meetings of all sizes. 

       2. Comprehensive service:

       The Center offers technical service, property management and basic service. Tenants may enjoy technical service on R&D experiment, product testing and analyzing, production after pilot-scale experiment and verification of process route and parameters, and enjoy service on consulting, business counseling, financing, technology transfer, research commercialization, accounting, law, human resources and taxation.

       III. Potential Incubatees and preferential policies

       1. Potential Incubatees:

       CAIC welcomes companies, research organizations, investment agencies,patent owners and technicalexperts who want to explore business in China and ASEAN countries. 

       2. Preferential policies:

      The incubatees enjoy following incentives besides those offered by National Economic Development and High-tech Development Zone of Kunming.

      ① 3-year free rent for office no larger than 100 m2;

      ② Project and funding support for promising programs

      VI. How can ASEAN countries benefit?

      1. ASEAN partners can access China’s innovation information on business, expertise and technology through CAIC, in a bid to provide a broader range of innovation resources for enterprises in ASEAN countries.

     2. ASEAN partners may have face-to-face talks with Chinese enterprises for innovation, projects, business and market expanding, etc. 

     3. ASEAN partners may enjoy an enabling environment for innovation, comprehensive service and supporting policies.

     4. ASEAN partners may send personnel to attend technical training courses and innovation activities organized by CAIC.

     5. Science and technology authorities in ASEAN countries appoint a contact person and designate an agency to set up bilateral working groups with CAIC. The working groups are responsible for recommending companies and organizations to join CAIC, facilitating matchmaking activities and building an enabling environment for CAIC’s development.