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China ASEAN Innovation Center

   I. Introduction

China ASEAN Innovation Center is a national platform to carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation oriented to ASEAN countries, which is granted by the Ministry of science and technology of China within the framework of China ASEAN science and technology partnership plan. The center is jointly constructed by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and Yunnan government, with Yunnan innovative biological industry incubator as the main participant.

China ASEAN Innovation Center aims to continuously improve the level and influence of scientific and technological cooperation, continuously promote scientific and technological exchanges and innovation cooperation, and promote good neighborly friendship between China and ASEAN countries. It is a key role for Yunnan to become a radiation center for South Asia and Southeast Asia. It helps to strengthen innovation cooperation between R & D and industrial development, industrial incubation, improve regional scientific and technological innovation capacity.

II. Background

In October 2013, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to establish China ASEAN Innovation Center at the 16th China ASEAN summit. In order to implement the initiative, in November 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology sent a letter to Yunnan Province - "letter of the Ministry of science and technology on supporting Yunnan Province to construct China ASEAN Innovation Center".

The center was jointly built by the Ministry of science and technology, the people's Government of Yunnan Province, the Department of international cooperation of the Ministry of science and technology and the Department of science and technology of Yunnan Province, supported by the Yunnan Academy of Science and Technology Information and Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee.

As the main participating unit, Yunnan innovative biological industry incubator is the headquarter of China ASEAN Innovation Center. Under the framework of China ASEAN science and technology partnership plan, the center is committed to promoting the incubation, innovation and development of enterprises between China and ASEAN countries, and promoting exchanges and cooperation in science andtechnology innovation in the region.

III. Objectives

Based on the existing platforms such as state level Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yunnan Academy of Science and Technology Information, and the only national incubator of biology in Yunnan Province, China ASEAN innovation center, in accordance with the principle of "resource sharing, collaborative innovation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation", gathers all kinds of innovative resources and elements, and carries out international technology transfer and talent matchmaking , project matchmaking and enterprise matchmaking for ASEAN. It provides comprehensive services for promoting cultural exchanges, education and training of scientific and technological talents, building China ASEAN science and technology think tank, business incubation, achievement transformation, science and technology and cultural exchange of science and technology and industrial cooperation between China and ASEAN.

IV. Key areas

1. Bio industry: natural plant extracts, biomedicine, biological products, biotechnology services.

2. Modern agriculture: Cultivation of new agriculturalvarietiesand applicationof new technologies.

3. New and renewable energy: solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy development and utilization.

4. Environmental protection: research, development and application of ecological protection, environmental governance, clean development and recycling technology.

5. Electronic information: smart grid, intelligent logistics system, new display system, automatic control system, etc.