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Yunnan Huangreen Environmental Detection Technology Co., Ltd.

Company profile
       Yunnan Huanlv Environmental Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a third-party measurement certification and testing organization that has passed the measurement certification of Yunnan Quality Supervision Bureau and the assessment and confirmation of Yunnan Environmental Protection Department. The company has a comprehensive high-tech laboratory of liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer) and other large analytical instruments.

       In the field of environmental protection, it can undertake the business of environmental air, industrial exhaust gas, water and wastewater, environmental assessment, environmental protection acceptance, project completion acceptance, annual inspection of sewage discharge permit, enterprise self-monitoring, and carry out indoor air detection, oil and gas recovery and other fields.

       Up to now, the company has carried out a lot of commissioned testing work, involving highway, steel, chemical, metallurgical, municipal and other industries, cooperating with the Prefecture Environmental Protection Bureau to carry out testing work. Through the strict system management and control of the company and the hard work of professional and technical personnel, the company's detection ability and market service level have been improved, and it has a certain market share and good reputation.

Company qualification
       On December 31, 2012, our company obtained the certificate of social environmental monitoring institutions issued by Yunnan Environmental Protection Department, certificate number: Cloud Ring Monitoring Grade C No. 006, and on December 31, 2015, we obtained the certificate of social environmental monitoring institutions qualification certificate Grade B. The scope of our company's monitoring is: environmental impact assessment status monitoring of construction projects, completion of non-polluting construction projects. Monitoring in environmental protection acceptance, environmental protection acceptance in completion of construction projects approved by the administrative department of environmental protection at the state (city) and county levels, environmental monitoring during construction period of construction projects, annual inspection of discharge permits, and self-monitoring of pollution sources of enterprises.

Enterprise Capability Scope
       There are 44 detection items of ambient air and waste gas, 7 detection items of automobile exhaust gas/gas station oil and gas recovery, 35 detection items of workplace air/harmful factors, 25 detection items of public place/indoor air, 29 detection items of drinking water, 41 detection items of water and wastewater, 23 detection items of soil and solid waste, 2 detection items of radiation, 9 detection items of noise and vibration, totally 9 categories and 215 test items. 。

       In January 2016, there were 111 projects in four categories, namely, ambient air and waste gas, water and wastewater, soil and solid waste, and oil and gas recovery in gas stations.