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Kunming Qiancao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Sorghum spp. is located in the national innovative bio-industry incubator in Yunnan.

       Mr. Zhou Ji, the founder of the company, has overseas (UK) experience and dual professional background of chemistry (undergraduate) and management (Oxford MBA). He entered the daily chemical industry in the 1990s to engage in research, development, manufacture and management of plant raw materials.

       The company (Kunming) has 15 employees, consisting of graduate and undergraduate students with pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other professional backgrounds.

       Sorghum has the leading research and development ability of cosmetic plant materials in China. Mature teams and platforms can meet the needs of new plant resources discovery, active substance detection, safety and efficacy evaluation of plant materials.

       The company has established long-term good cooperative relations with well-known domestic chemical companies such as Materia Medica, Shanghai Galan and Meiji Holdings.