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Quotient inspection

       Yunnan Commercial Food Quality Inspection Technical Service Co., Ltd. was established in August 2012. It specializes in food quality inspection and related technical service guidance. The laboratory is strictly managed and operated in accordance with ISO/IEC 17205 international standards. In May 2012, it successfully passed the qualification certification of food inspection institutions (certificate number: F2013250028). The company has an innovative team, mainly senior engineers, quality engineers, master's degree students, undergraduates as the main experienced professional and technical personnel. We have imported advanced gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometry and other advanced analytical instruments. We have also built a grade P2 Biosafety Laboratory of more than 70 square meters, which can comprehensively analyze the pathogenic microorganisms in food.

       Business Survey upholds the concept of "independence and justice, scientific rigor, high efficiency and accuracy, and considerate service", and is committed to serving the society. We constantly refine our character and accumulate company culture, and strive to develop "commercial quality inspection" into a first-class, well-known third-party quality inspection agency in our province!

       Address: 11th Floor, Main Building of Yunnan Innovative Bioindustry Incubator, No. 16 Pufa Road, Jingkai Export Processing Zone, Kunming

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