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Yunnan Balai Coffee Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:
       Yunnan Balai Coffee Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, its predecessor Kunming Zunke Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. In order to better brand management and customer service, the company was renamed Yunnan Balai Coffee Co., Ltd. in 2014, and established its own chain store. In the early stage, the company mainly focused on the supporting business of professional bar equipment. In 2014, it upgraded the whole line of business, established its own coffee bean roasting and three-in-one coffee processing plant, and formed a trinity business pattern of production, marketing and brand chain.

       The company's trademark "Barley Coffee" originated from the film "Sidek-Barley". It is a creation based on historical facts, reflecting historical facts that are not deliberately sublimated and catered to, but only displayed and presented naked. The propositions it interprets belong not only to the former Taiwanese aborigines, but also to the whole human race.

       The original meaning of "Sidek Barley" is: the real Sidek. "Barai" - - the meaning of "real" in Sidek. This is why the company is committed to producing truly high-quality products and services that truly meet customer needs. For products and service companies, we adhere to the principle of "no need to sublimate deliberately, only need to truly reflect".

Business philosophy:
"Respect customers first, respect respect first": quality is fundamental, conscientious management.
"Joint venture, common development": staff promotion, enterprise development.
"Industrial rejuvenation, public welfare society": enterprise development, return to society.

Business scope:
Coffee beans roasting and instant solid beverage production;
Sales of coffee equipment;
Import and export of coffee related products and domestic sales;
Coffee ingredient extraction business;
Coffee shop chain operation system;
Professional training for coffee makers.