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Basic Services

1. Advisory services
       In order to better serve incubating enterprises, solve the problems of product research and development and marketing, and assist in striving for them.
       Governments at all levels have adopted policies to support small and medium-sized enterprises and put them in place. The company has constructed an expert advisory committee composed of scientific research institutions, government project officials and entrepreneurs of universities in the province. At the same time, it has strengthened its cooperation with advisory service institutions and Yunnan Science and Technology Intelligence Institute, enhanced the Advisory Service Capability of incubators, and carried out all-round project establishment, packaging and planning for scientific research projects. It provides conditions and guarantees for incubating enterprises to win government support.

2. Entrepreneurship Counseling
       In order to solve the problems of production, marketing and management that affect the development of the start-up enterprises, the incubator will diagnose and analyze the managers of successful enterprises, and put forward the overall solution to help the enterprises quickly reverse the adverse situation and embark on the road of healthy growth.

3. Technology Transfer and Achievement Conversion
       The company strengthens the horizontal contact with universities and scientific research institutions, plays a bridge role with incubating enterprises, excavates scientific research achievements and practical technology related to people's livelihood, and promotes technology transfer and achievement transformation by using the platform of Kunming Technology Transfer Center and Kunming Productivity Promotion Center. Promote the rapid development of biological industry and the growth rate of incubating enterprises.

4. Other services
       In order to enable incubating enterprises to devote all their energies to enterprise management and product development, incubators provide training, accounting, law, human resources, industrial and commercial taxation, and related certification services needed by enterprises, which fully embodies the functions of cultivating high-tech projects and star enterprises.

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