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Notice of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department on Application for Special Items

Relevant units:

       To actively serve and integrate into the national "all in one" technological innovation action plan, enhance the level of international scientific and technological cooperation in our province, speed up the construction of scientific and technological innovation centers for South East Asia, boost the construction of innovative Yunnan and develop high-quality leaps and bounds, according to the relevant requirements of the Yunnan provincial science and Technology Department's science and technology project management measures (Yunke regulation [2019] 3), the provincial science and Technology Department To carry out the special declaration of international scientific and technological cooperation in our province, the following notifications are given concerning the relevant work arrangements:

I. Support Contents

(1) International Science and Technology Cooperation Projects

1. Innovation and Cooperation of Developed Countries in Science and Technology

       Focusing on the development of key industries in our province and the major demand for scientific and technological cooperation of building a world-class "three cards", we support scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises in our province to carry out innovative cooperation with developed countries in science and technology, introduce advanced technological achievements into Yunnan and carry out cooperative research and development, solve the technological bottleneck of industrial development, and help our province develop by leaps and bounds with high quality.

(1) Development Projects of Fruit and Vegetable Industry
       Research Contents: Focusing on the development of agricultural industry with plateau characteristics, we will help build a world-class "green food brand". In the field of special fruit and vegetable industries, we will cooperate with developed countries in variety breeding, introduction and demonstration of new varieties, establishment of organic production system, development and commercialization of high-value-added agricultural products, and build a forward-looking collection through project implementation. It is an advanced scientific research platform integrating technology research, talent exchange and training, achievement transformation and industrialization to support the development of Yunnan Plateau characteristic agricultural industry.

       Index requirements: introduce and cultivate 5-10 improved varieties, establish corresponding organic production system, establish demonstration planting Park of no less than 300 mu, and carry out promotion and planting; develop 5-10 high value-added agricultural products and commercialize them, and create the whole chain development demonstration varieties.

(2) Green Energy Industry Development Projects
       Research Contents: Focusing on the demand of scientific and technological innovation for the integrated development of hydroelectric aluminium and silicon materials, we will focus on developing new materials, modified materials and deep processing of materials, and carry out international scientific and technological cooperation such as technology introduction and new product development, so as to make up for the shortcomings of the industrial chain, promote the perfection and extension of the industrial chain in our province, and support the development of green energy industry.

       Indicator Requirements: More than one advanced technology related to the introduction and transformation, breaking through the bottleneck of industrial development key technologies 3-5, developing high-end new products 3-5 and carrying out application demonstration research.

(3) Development Projects of Generic Pharmaceutical Industry
       Research Contents: Focusing on the demand of scientific and technological innovation in generic drug research and production, cooperating with developed countries with advanced technology to carry out research on key technologies such as preparation technology, quality control process and compound crystal form, introducing generic drug research and development or production technology, establishing generic drug research and development platform, and developing international capacity cooperation, upgrading the level and structure of pharmaceutical industry in our province, and promoting it. Development of biomedical industry.

       Indicator requirements: More than 2 mature generic drug R&D or production technologies are introduced, 1 generic drug R&D platform is established and international capacity cooperation is carried out; 3-5key technologies restricting generic drug R&D or production are broken through, and more than 1 generic drug variety is developed.

It intends to support 1-3 innovative cooperation projects of developed countries in science and technology.