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Kunming: Quick Search of Global Patent Platfor Helps Enterprises Choose the Right Orientation

Source:云南创新生物产业孵化器管理有限公司Time:2019-10-15Browse times:889

       How to quickly retrieve global patents and avoid blind innovation? On December 6, the reporter learned from the Yunnan intellectual property high-end talents' official crossing activity and the seminar on the construction of intellectual property talents bases for South Asia and Southeast Asia that "intellectual property service (Kunming) Center for South Asia and Southeast Asia" integrates 80 million patent information resources from 103 countries around the world, providing patent analysis and retrieval functions, which can help enterprises to correctly choose the direction of invention and creation, and reduce Low time and labor costs.

       The reporter learned that on December 6, 2017, the "intellectual property service (Kunming) Center for South and Southeast Asia" was established, and the intellectual property talent base for South and Southeast Asia was established. We should also make full use of the advantages of "one belt and one road" and the Yangtze River economic belt, as well as China, the economic corridor of the South China Peninsula and the economic cooperation between China, Yunnan and Burmese in the South China Sea and Southeast Asia, and even along all the other countries along the way. We should build an intellectual property operation service system, optimize the public service of intellectual property rights, and enhance the operation of overseas intellectual property rights, risk prevention and control and rights protection capabilities.

       The Center has successively reached strategic cooperation with Burma, Laos, Thailand and other countries, as well as with institutions and organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan and Sichuan, and with Kunming Folk Intellectual Property Agency, Yunnan Agugani Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Myanmar True Law Firm, Yunnan University for Nationalities, School of Culture and Biography, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Two service institutions, colleges and universities signed contracts to build a collaborative network of intellectual property services. Among them, there are 21 intellectual property service institutions, 7 intellectual property legal service institutions, 2 small language translation institutions and 2 financial institutions, and 11 service institutions have established cooperative relations.

       Over the past year, the service center has integrated 103 countries, 80 million patent information resources, provided patent individual analysis, patent retrieval and other functions, and served enterprises to correctly choose the direction of invention and creation; the platform has 30 million foreign patent information databases of advanced technology information that developed countries have not applied for protection in China and have lost the possibility of applying for protection, which can provide enterprises with high-value technology screening. To avoid blind innovation. By developing the new mode of "Internet + Intellectual Property" and realizing the combination of online and offline, the time cost and manpower cost of enterprise and service organization docking are greatly reduced.

       It was revealed at the seminar that the "Kunming Intellectual Property Services (IPR) Center for South-East Asia" will invite South-East Asian countries to carry out international intellectual property exchange activities. We will further carry out strategic research on intellectual property rights in South and Southeast Asia, promote the transformation of intellectual property achievements in key industries, improve the ability of enterprises to operate overseas intellectual property rights, and establish a Research Institute for intellectual property services in South and Southeast Asia.

       At the same time, in order to promote the "going out" of enterprises, expand overseas markets in combination with industrial development needs, make full use of official or unofficial international exchange and cooperation opportunities such as "Thailand Science and Technology Exhibition" and "Laos science and Technology Exhibition", organize enterprises with foundation, conditions and advantages in Yunnan Province to carry out negotiations and docking with the themes of economic and trade investment, industrial cooperation and intellectual property rights in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Activities.

      In addition, the service center will carry out intellectual property fund investment services, focusing on supporting innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the requirements of "project bank", relying on "pledge financing projects" and "equity investment projects" to expand financing channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, and guiding and supporting enterprises to use intellectual property pledge financing and equity investment to raise development funds through multiple channels.

Publication Source: Yunnan Net Reporter Zhao Gang Correspondent Xiong Nan

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