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In 2019, the warehousing guidance for high-level enterprises in Yunnan Province was

Source:云南创新生物产业孵化器管理有限公司Time:2019-09-20Browse times:736

       According to the Notice of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department on Organizing and declaring high-tech enterprises to cultivate storage enterprises in 2019, on the morning of August 8, the incubator of Yunnan innovative bio-industry provided guidance for park enterprises declaring high-tech enterprises to be storage enterprises in Yunnan Province in 2019, such as environmental testing, Austria Sassafras biology and lawn biology.

       Huang Wenrong, deputy general manager, interpreted the Implementing Measures for the Construction of Yunnan High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Bank (Trial Implementation), consulted enterprise materials and put forward suggestions for improvement; Xie Qiong, chief financial officer, interpreted and answered questions on financial aspects.

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